Bollicina FV


Undersink direct flow R/O refrigreator with sparkling water


Scotch brite stainless steel and coated aluminium chassis

Fully customizable transparent methacrylate front panel. It is possible to choose any colour, to engrave words, logos, mirror-like laser engravings and to have it digitally printed.


Nominal water output : 100 Lt/h (+/- 10%)
Engine: 180 W Rotary vane pump 300 Lt/h
PPF in-line filter 2,5″ x 12″
CTO in-line filter 12″ x 2,5″
R/O Membranes: 2 x TW30 2012
Pressure: 8 to 9 bar
Power Supply: 220 V – 50/60 Hz – Max absorption: 550W
Rejected salinity: +/- 95/98 % (+/- 10%)

Cold Water Output: Lt/m 1,5 (+/- 10%)
Compressor: 1/8 Hp liquid cooled
Gas: R134A
LCD Display to signal temperature, filter consumption, flooding, lack of water
Dimensions (cm): L 25 – D 45 – H 38,5

Our systems are 100% customizable

Contact us and tell us how you want your colour, name, logo, laser engraving and mirror-like customization on your system.

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