Undersink direct flow R/O refrigreator with sparkling water.

Manufactured with noble materials such aluminium and stainless steel in order to provide quality and reliability and to reduce plastic usage, it uses combination of physics and electronics to have a continuous dispensing of cold still and cold sparkling water using an innovative temperature control system.


Coated aluminium chassis

Fully customizable transparent methacrylate front panel. It is possible to choose any colour, to engrave words, logos, mirror-like laser engravings and to have it digitally printed.


Nominal water output : 100 Lt/h (+/- 10%)
Engine: 180 W Rotary vane pump 300 Lt/h
PPF in-line filter 2,5″ x 12″
CTO in-line filter 12″ x 2,5″
R/O Membranes: 2 x TW30 2012
Pressure: 8 to 9 bar
Power Supply: 220 V – 50/60 Hz – Max absorption: 550W
Rejected salinity: +/- 95/98 % (+/- 10%)

Cold Water Output: Lt/m 1,5 (+/- 10%)
Compressor: 1/8 Hp liquid cooled
Gas: R134A
LCD Display to signal temperature, filter consumption, flooding, lack of water
Dimensions (cm): L 28,5 – D 41,5 – H 35

Our systems are 100% customizable

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