The true value: People

Our uniqueness adds value to what we do

Thanks to all the people that contribute each single day to realize Acquasystem’s dreams: live in a greener world thanks to plastic usage reduction and being a major player in producing direct flow water treatment refrigerators through innovation, design, technology and customer care.

Every person is an unvaluable drop of water that contributes daily to add energy, vitality and welfare to our group’s ocean.

That is why each employee of Acquasystem has a defined career path and goals and constantly participates in training courses to become a better person and a better skilled professional.

Join our wonderful team, be the next drop of water to make the world greener! Click to send your application.

Filippo Valenti
Filippo ValentiGeneral Manager
Guido Bizzarri
Guido BizzarriSales Manager
Adriana Iabichella
Adriana IabichellaHR Manager
Alessandro Galbusera
Alessandro GalbuseraCPO
Claudia Monguzzi
Claudia MonguzziAdministrative Manager
Chiara Gazaneo
Chiara GazaneoSales Back Office
Christian Colombo
Christian ColomboCustomer Care Manager
Jonathan Gioe'
Jonathan Gioe'Warehouse and general service manager
OSMOMascot & good boy

Welcome to Acquasystem’s lifeblog, a space I’ve created to gather all the news and the topics regarding the further steps that not only Acquasystem does to have a greener, safer and plastic free world.

It is a long journey but at Acquasystem we firmly believe that any action towards that goal is worth being underlined as a life improvement for our society.

Filippo Valenti
Acquasystem CEO & Founder

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